The company Triturados Romeral S.A., heiress of the company José Navarro Sánchez founded in the early seventies, was incorporated in 1985 as a Public Limited Company and is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of crushed marble and boulders.

Product variety and constant innovation

Triturados Romeral, S.A. offers its customers a wide range of products that follow a thorough process of extraction, crushing, washing and classification following the strictest quality controls. Our technical department constantly studies the needs of the market looking for the necessary solutions to satisfy them with innovative products (garden stones, bowling, rockery, boulder, gravel, sands and alberos, crushed aggregates, marbles, etc.).

More than 25 years manufacturing

Fundada en 1985, Triturados Romeral S.A. fabrica y comercializa, desde su extracción en la cantera, triturados y cantos rodados de excelente calidad. Ubicada en (Murcia) nuestra fábrica cuenta con 114000 m2 de instalaciones, dotadas de la más moderna tecnología, destinadas a la extracción, triturado, tratamiento y empaquetado de piedra natural.

Grain size, packaging and labelling

Our wide range of granulometrics, studied for all possible applications, the versatile forms of packaging (bulk, canister, big-bag, sacks or cages) and a modern labeling system (GSI barcode) allow us to meet the demand in the different fields of application of our products: garden design, xerojardinería, interior design, terrazzo, prefabricated, etc.


To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, we prepare orders in 24-48 hours. Our studied production and logistics process guarantees the best delivery times, from the receipt of the order to its national or international delivery.